DHS Agile Development Project 

Leidos is currently staffing for an exciting new project, with positions predominantly in Gaithersburg, MD, to support a national-scale security service for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  This initiative is to replace an existing but outdated system with an enhanced, scalable, and multi-input system. Multi-input means that the system will accept inputs from a greater range of different sensor types.  The objective, besides replacing an outdated system, is to facilitating higher-flow security checks in situations like inbound and outbound border crossings at ports (air, land, and sea). 

The work will include designing, engineering, developing, acquiring, integrating, testing, and installing hardware and software to fulfill the requirements of the new system.  The project will perform software development activities in accordance with a DHS-tailored System Engineering Life Cycle with Agile Software Development methods.  The hosting environment is best described as a hybrid cloud, with some applications and data hosted in data centers, and some applications and data hosted in an AWS secure GovCloud. 

This is a multi-year, multi-phase program.   Phase 1 seamlessly replaces the old system with the new system, establishing a scalable and open platform for future growth and functionality. In Phase 2 the teams will create and implement additional applications and functional capabilities beyond the prior base capabilities. This program is projected to have several streams of follow-on work, including additional applications and data sources, along with enhanced data-mining, query, and reporting capabilities.  The system will be one of the most important assets to DHS and the nation, and should be usable for many years to come.  The most talented programmers and engineers will thrive on this program and in the Leidos environment.

Leidos was named to the 2017 LinkedIn Top Companies list, which represents the 50 most sought-after businesses by professionals. Leidos was cited for the meaningful work employees perform that is challenging, impactful, and aligned with our customers’ missions as reasons professionals want to work and stay at our company. Employees enjoy career enrichment opportunities available through mobility and development and experience rewarding relationships with supportive supervisors and talented colleagues and customers. Employees appreciate our flexible work environment, allowing for and encouraging a true work-life balance. Our professionals are also excited about our Employee Resource Groups, like the newly launched Collaborative Outreach with Remote and Embedded Employees (CORE), which strives to create an environment where every employee, regardless of location, feels fully engaged as a valued employee of Leidos.  Leidos is proud to be part of the 2017 LinkedIn Top Companies list.  

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